Communication Design


Welcome! The following is a collection of graphic design assets that support a weekend teaching series. Each component is meant to create an atmosphere, and reinforce the tone of the message.

Let's start with my most recent design for the good people of HopeCity Church, called “If Only”. The message addresses how we all wonder what life would be like “If only I had…”, and what truly matters. Enjoy!

Title Screen

Social Media Ad

Keynote Background

“If Only” Alternate Design Option 2

“If Only” Alternate Design Option 3

Below are a couple message series kits for I put together for Rolling Hills Community Church. To learn more about the logo design for “Urban Legends”, tap here. Enjoy!

Title Screen

Logo Formats

Additional / Complimentary Design Option

Web Banner

Instagram Story

Keynote Background

Editable Instagram Slide for Key Ideas

Logo / Icon

Title Screen

Instagram Story

Keynote Background (Option 1)

Keynote Background (Option 2)

Here are a few choice examples of design work that were created for various messages over my 10-Year adventure at Valley Creek. Enjoy!

Title Screen (Above), Countdown / Lower Third Keynote / VCC Icon Slide (Below)


Please enjoy a few stills from my favorite video projects that I've art directed and designed for Valley Creek.

Here are just a couple of my favorite illustrations from "The Messenger". Check out an in-depth look at the entire project here!

Please enjoy this 2014 video special called “It Is Finished”. For this project (sharply edited by Copeland Tinney) I took ownership of all art direction and design, script writing, and even the narration! This definitely nudged me out of my creative comfort zone, but was worth it.



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