"By Cloud By Fire" album art


"By Cloud, By Fire" was an awesome project to be a part of! It was great to dig into a bunch of design I've been influenced by to cultivate a fresh art direction. There were a lot more supporting promo elements that were created based off of the album art, but most notably was a BCBF T-Shirt (pictured above) that I got to design to help support the record - lovingly screen printed by Trust Print Shop. It was also a memorable project for me personally because I actually got to play drums on about half of these tunes as well! I'm so grateful to have been a part of this, and for the hearts it's moved over the years. 

Front/Back Cover

3-Panel Insert | Side A (Track Listing)



CD Clear-Tray Backing

Inside Cover / Production Notes

3-Panel Insert | Side B (Lyrics)

"Follow the cloud" book promo

One next step at a time

With an art direction that was meant to compliment the cover of the new book "Follow The Cloud" (shown on some of the digital promos below), here are a few items I put together with the Valley Creek Communications team to help spread the word. As a pre-order incentive, we offered a merch bundle within a custom tin that included a copy of the book, a tee with the FTC logo (right), a journal (right), a copy of "By Cloud By Fire" (above), and even some shoe laces!


Our ceiling, their floor

Like the "By Cloud By Fire" album cover, I got to tap into whatever I felt led to create for this assignment. And because I believe in the Next Generation, I wanted an inspirational chunk of typography for the students to sport that had some bite (pun totally intended), to instill greater confidence and purpose into the students. So with "Matthew 10:6" in mind, here's what I came up with. Thanks for looking!

Tee 2.jpg

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