Logos and Branding

Welcome! Tap or hover over each logo for a little extra insight on the project, and double-tap each for a closer look at the design. Also don't forget to explore the various links in each blurb as well. Enjoy!

BOLD Goods is a brand new, ongoing project for a good buddy of mine! With this logo suite, his dream is to unleash an encouraging, Kingdom-minded movement through art and apparel. It was a fun challenge to create a super simple icon loaded with meaning (a Luchador Fighter meets Peace Dove), while being able to freely rearrange the color palette and logo composition as needed.

This logo was tailor-made for my wife Miriam! Empowermenu is meant to represent her passion for eating healthy, spending smart and living empowered - all while inspiring others to do the same. This was an absolute honor to put this together for her!

This is a title logo for a message called "Urban Legends", for Rolling Hills! The topic is about dispelling certain myths about God. Way cool. For the look, they wanted something modern, compelling, and even a little mysterious. This was such a fun assignment - so fun in fact, I had a blast developing this concept too ;). Check out all of the design elements for this one here!

"The Narrow Gate leads to a wide life"! It was an honor to partner with the lead pastor to create this brand, and I could have never anticipated the positive impact it would eventually have on people. Click here to check out a handful of logo/icon examples that span over a decade for VCC.

This is a brand I put together for my parent's business, Castle Hills Real Estate, and it's still going strong! This mark can be spotted on "Sold!" signs all throughout one of DFW's most thriving neighborhoods.

For this design, my client wanted me to incorporate a sculpture that represented his family. Love the personal touch! As the logo was being developed, it was exciting to see the top of the statue emerge in the negative space of a connected "JTI", as well as the top of a dollar sign to subtly reinforce the business model.

I created this logo in support of John Stickl's excellent new book called "Follow The Cloud". Click here to explore the "Packaging and Apparel" section of the site and how the logo was used as a promotional tool to back this awesome project.

It was an absolute thrill to be asked by Donald Driver (all-time leading wide receiver for The Green Bay Packers) to put a logo together for his new fitness venture, DrivenElite! Donald has been one of my favorite clients for one of my favorite logo projects to date. #GoPackGo

This is a logo advertising an English class taught by an amazing client, Rolling Hills Community Church! I really enjoyed this project (which had a pretty tight turnaround), and I’m even fond of the additional comps!

Pathway is a series of four classes, each built upon the other, to help visitors get connected at VCC. Previously, I had designed a different logo for each class, but as we re-branded the church, we felt it best to simplify things with one mark - and this design was the solution!

With my personal brand, I wanted a clean, punchy and versatile look — a mark that I could throw on everything from AbC ads and merch, to the upper right corner of a project presentation. I’ve had this brand since AbC’s inception, and it keeps getting more special to me the more I use it. I’d love to do the same for you. Contact me about your branding needs, and let’s get it going. The best is yet to come!

Below is a logo/brand identity project for “Construction Bros. Podcast”, and an expanded look at their graphics kit. More to come!

Construction Bros. Podcast

If you hang around the hardware store on a regular basis, this podcast is for you. I had the awesome opportunity to build out a graphics kit for Tyler and his brother Eddie to help lay the foundation for their new podcast “Construction Brothers”. Check them out on the usual platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor.fm, you name it. Just like these dudes, if you’ve got a pro/passion project that needs some creative love, feel free to reach out, and let’s get to work.

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